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My name is Ryan AKA. The Doggy Guy, and this is what I do full time. So you can be sure that your little buddy, is not only safe and well cared for but having awesome experiences with a controlled, well balanced, great pack of dogs around our beautiful dog friendly area.

​I have been a dog person for as long as I can remember. As a Military kid living in the Philippines I befriended a stray yellow lab in the neighborhood. I played with this dog for several months before one day she followed me home pushed inside the house and had 11 puppies on my bed. From that day forward I was fascinated with dogs and loved puppies. And it has been pretty clear that they gravitated toward me as well. my family has had a number of dogs while I was growing up and all of them bonded quickly to me and I became their best buddy in the family. I feel like I have had an intangible natural ability with animals from a very early age. I have a Masters in Social Work and have worked in County Child Protective Services, and as a social worker for a local Hospice organization, but in summer of 2012 I can very clearly recall sitting at the dog park, after a long day with hospice patients and their families, trying to figure out what I truly enjoyed doing most. That’s when it hit me, the feeling I had everyday after work driving home and looking for ward to nothing more than throwing on a pair of shorts and jumping in the car with Mini to head to the dog park. That is the day The Doggy Guy was born. It wasn’t long before I quit my day job and began working with dogs full time. I decided that I needed to get a job working with dogs and make sure that it was really something that I could do long term. After working at the local cage free boarding facility for a year it was clear that I had found the job that would make it feel like I “never had to work another day for the rest of my life”. At that point I left that job and started walking dogs on my own. Since going out on my I have built quite a list of people in town, please see my reviews for testimonials from many of those who will vouch for my skills and experience working with them and their dogs.
I know how tough it is to decide what to do with our little buddies when leaving town or at work and I will work hard minimize separation anxiety in dogs and maximize confidence and comfort during their stay as well as help them gain valuable socialization skills with the other dogs in my care
Because I only accept dogs under 40lbs owner don’t have to worry about their little dogs being bullied intimidated scared or preyed on by bigger dogs. 

Contact me for a free meet and great and when possible to to schedule a free pack walk or daycare session so that I can get to know your dog and we can see if it is a good fit before you leave town. 
I prefer to do most of the Pick up and Drop Off. Owners are  encouraged to visit my place with their dog after a meet and great, when possible, on at neutral site or your house, but it works best your dog is not dropped at this initial visit. From that point I have found that if I pick up the dog and bring it to my house so that it feels like it is going on an adventure and not being dropped of or abandoned. At the initial meet and greet I will bring a bandanna to leave with you that has the scent of my house so you dog can familiarize itself with me and my house. When I pick up the dog I will put your dogs name on the bandanna and bring it back with me because it now has the owners scent on it which they can sleep with or can be used during the day to help reduce stress when necessary. I Have a Little 8lb. Mine Dachshund Blue Healer mix that is pretty much with me all the time. She is a great dog and really helps me get an idea of the temperament of  potential pack members. I am very lucky to be able to be selective on who joins the pack. Not many dogs don't pass the temperament test but again in order to insure good pack dynamic and stability I am careful not to take any unnecessary chances and error on the side of caution because again safety is definitely the number one goal. It is also because of this fact that I can assure you that it is a really good thing for your dog that I will likely have dogs from other homes staying with us while your dog is staying with me. 
Also the house I live in is located in the amazing Hope Ranch Annex area where lots are extremely big because many of them have horses, and so the Yard is huge. over 4,500 sqft. with a few trees so there is plenty of shade, but also plenty of sunny spots if you dog loves to lay out in the sun. Dogs are also welcome inside anytime where there is a few couches and beds they they can lounge around on. The room where the dogs sleep is climate controlled so your little buddies don't freeze during these few winter months here in Santa Barbara. 

I really think your dogs will love the vibe of our pack and you really should contact me so we can see if it would be a good fit.